Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Deal of the Week: CVS Moneymakers!

CVS paid me a $1 to bring this stuff home.  Yep.

I saw on Hip 2 Save yesterday that the Magic Coupon machine at CVS was spitting out some really good coupons - one for free CVS brand children's gummy vitamins and one for $1 off 2 Mars singles candy bars, which are on sale this week at 2 for $1.  Also, the new Starbucks refreshers drinks were 2 for $3 with a $3 ECB reward, so basically free.  I had two $1 off coupons for those as well, so I happily made my way to CVS last night with the girls while Matt was at a meeting.

I got the gummy vitamins coupon the first time I scanned my card, but not the candy bar one.  Even though I didn't say anything about it, the girl at the counter asked me if I had gotten the Mars coupon and then told me to scan my card again.  I got more coupons, this time including one for $2 off CVS brand body wash.  Sounded good.  Turns out their body wash is priced at $2.37 so I got it for .$37.  Not too shabby.

We collected our body wash, vitamins, and drinks and went to the counter.  The girl asked me again about the Mars coupon and I scanned my card again.  (I had no idea you could keep scanning your card and get more coupons.  This is a revelation in my CVS deal quests.)  This time I got it!  Free Dove chocolate!

I paid $2.01 out of pocket and got back $3 in ECBs.  I'm pretty proud of myself!  Also, if you are going to be near a CVS today, go scan your extra care card to see if you get any of those great coupons! 


Anonymous said...

Going to CVS soon. I missed the $4 off coupon on $20 last week. Hopefully I won't miss these.
Thanks and good shopping!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful deals!
Love, Mom

Shaun and Anna said...

I missed the $4 off coupon last week as well! I just never made it there. I will have to go check these out! And, YES, scan your card until it says there are no more coupons to print!! :0)