Monday, July 02, 2012

Garden Update

The blackberries are ripe!  We lucked out and have some growing in our yard.   I already made my yummy blackberry coffee cake recipe (I halve this recipe from Real Simple and bake it in a loaf pan).  I've been going out in the yard every morning and evening to pick any that are ready before the birds get them. 

I finally pulled out all the lettuce and kale last week, and the cabbage and broccoli the week before that.  Next year, someone please remind me not to bother with them (the cabbage and broccoli).  They weren't doing well, and then they got cabbage worms, and it was a lot of waste of time and worry for me. 

The tomatoes are going nuts!  And I've gotten two zucchini so far.  Waiting to see how the peppers, cukes, and pumpkins do...

By far, the garden winners so far have been the peas, spinach, and lettuce.  The carrots and kale did all right.  I'll try all those again next year.

As this publishes, I'm actually out of town again to a reunion with my 5 roomies, and 1 honorary roomie, from my senior year in college.  Then going from there to celebrate my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary.  I've got to convince Matt to take care of my plants and pick the zucchini and blackberries while I'm gone.


Anonymous said...

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Glad your garden did so well. Love, blackberries.
Can't wait to see you all, praying for safe and easy travels.