Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Theme of the Week: Clouds and Rain

It's been raining here a lot - we seem to be getting a little thunderstorm almost every afternoon.  You wouldn't expect it in the mountains in Georgia, but the climate here almost qualifies as a rain forest based on inches of yearly rainfall.  Anyway, we're learning about rain and clouds this week.  (Also, I am ashamed to say that I knew almost nothing about clouds.  Now, I can at least identify the three main kinds - cirrus, cumulus, and stratus.)

Reading: It looked like Spilt Milk by Shaw, Rain by Stojic, The Cloud Book by DePaola, and Yellow Umbrella by Liu

Music: The Itsy Bitsy Spider and It's a Rainy Day

Art: Puffy Paint Clouds like these from No Time for Flashcards

Science: Ivory Soap Cloud, and Cloud Dough, and some ideas from here

Cloud Dough
Cloud Dough!

Cadence likes Cloud Dough

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Anonymous said...

That is a happy face! Love that pretty smile and the little girl behind it. So glad she had a good time learning.

Anonymous said...

Definitely one of my favorite units! Enjoy.
Love, Mom