Monday, July 30, 2012

Made: Baby Anywhere Chair

This is another project that's been languishing in my mental queue for awhile and I finally was prompted to do it by two things. A friend commented about it on Pinterest, which jogged my memory, and we gave away our big high chair last week. (It wasn't that big in the first place; it was a folding one. We just realized that Piper could sit in the booster seat with the tray on and be just fine. Note for future parents: big high chairs are space hogs and unnecessary.) Without the high chair, having this little thing is handy, especially for travel.

You can see the original here. I followed the instructions pretty exactly for this project, except I wanted to use fabric I had on hand so I used the same fabric for the interior and exterior, instead of contrasting.

Cute, right? There's Velcro in the back so it just wraps around to hold her on the seat.

She's been getting 3 of her top teeth this week, so even though she looks suspicious of it, she really appreciated the cold blueberries in her little mesh thing there.

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Anonymous said...

So cute--our sweet girl and your handy anywhere baby holder! Love, Mom
P. S. it looks like she might have been having a bit of brain freeze!

Anonymous said...

First picture looks so much like you when you were her age!. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow, I really like this and it will be so nice to take with you!! Super job too! Little one looks perfectly happy in it, she always did want to sit up with the big people. Love the pictures of our beautiful baby girl.

Shaun and Anna said...

love it! Great job. I totally agree about the high chair. We always used the booster seats, but start out with one that reclines.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Awesome job!