Friday, October 12, 2012

Crunchy Peanut Butter Cups

I was thisclose to buying Reese's peanut butter cups in the Halloween section at Walmart today.  Then I remembered looking at this recipe for peanut butter cups from Blue-Eyed Bakers and decided we would make them instead.  Go check out the recipe - you'll be glad you did!

I'm so glad we did!  As Cadence said, "They are peanut butter-y, graham cracker-y, and chocolate-y."  Besides getting the oil changed in the car, they are also the only thing I accomplished today.  Scratch that  - I did some laundry too.

I did make two changes to healthy up their recipe a little.  I used 1/4 cup powder stevia instead of the sugar called for, and I made 12 instead of 8.  So a serving is a little smaller, but there are more of them.  Win-win.  The comments said that some people had trouble getting the chocolate the set up, so I used less milk too - maybe 1/6 cup?  I just filled my 1/4 measuring cup  about 3/4 cup full.  (Also?  We don't keep sea salt in the house.  So I sprinkled kosher salt on top.)  Next time, I will try switching at least half the butter for coconut oil.

The revolutionary thing about these is all the ingredients are stuff we keep in our house ALL THE TIME.  Butter, peanut butter, graham crackers, chocolate chips, milk, sweetener, salt?  Check, check, check, check, check, check, check.

Don't you love this look?  Hanging out in a princess tiara and cheetah print dress on our front porch - that's how we roll!

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Anonymous said...

Very yummy,smiley,cutey, and princessy ( the favorite description last weekend of the little sweetie).
I'll definitely want to try that recipe.
Love, Mom

Beja {} said...

I wish we could make these! We have a peanut allergy in the house. Maybe I could try to make it with Sunbutter!