Thursday, November 11, 2004

Blue day...and what makes me happy...

Today was kind of a blue day. I get in moods where being in the house all day is ultra-boring, housework is ultra-annoying, and being without a career is the ultimate insult to my intelligence. The house was cold, Matt was sick-y, I had a headache, I spent half an hour skinning chicken, I had to bust kids who were making out in the library stairwell, and the recipe I tried for lunch was not so good.

So, because I know I'm being a spoiled brat I wanted to remind myself of things that are very, very good. Here's ten off the top of my head:

1. Phone calls from my parents. They're just so nice.
2. Rainey (the cat) when he's sleeping on the couch.
3. The sound the door on our porch makes when Matt is coming home.
4. Knitting! I may only be able to afford cheap yarn, but I like having something to show for my time.
5. Cheese. I'm a dairy girl. If only it wasn't so fattening.
6. Books.
7. The fact that I'm done with school forever.
8. The mountain view from our front door.
9. Rain. It was a very wet day here. Actually the climate in northeast GA almost qualifies as rain forest. Hence, the lush vegetation. Hence, 75% of this county is state park or national forest.
10. Prayer. God doesn't mind if I tell Him about my bad day.


Anonymous said...

The partial solution to your problem is to get out of the apartment. Take long walks, write an article for any magazine you like. As a last resort while you are waiting for a position worthy of your talents go to work at Wal-marts. You can do a study of the people who trade there as well as the type of folk who work there. But above all else keep your sense of humor.
Ancient Mariner sends.

Anonymous said... thing I think that you left off were your friends. Even though we are hundreds of miles away, we still love and miss your beautiful smile. Actually, Andrew and I pulled up the picture of you and Matt on the computer today. (The one we took at Noemi and Jason's wedding. We miss and love you!!!