Wednesday, November 10, 2004

First Frost

Yippee! Now I really feel like it's winter. I woke up today around 7:30 and the temperature was 31 degrees. I've been walking a few mornings a week around the trail that circles the athletic fields on campus. Usually there are other people, but today it was only me. It was cold, but so beautiful! The grass fields and the landscaping was all sparkly with white iciness.

The most mesmerizing was the kudzu on the slope up to our front yard. The edges and the veins in the middle of the leaves were outlined in white frost. I wish I had taken pictures!

Now I can't wait for the snow! I'm also wondering if my knitting skills are advanced enough to do a pair of mittens...

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful,sweets--just wait until it snows!! That will be really exciting!