Monday, November 01, 2004


I subbed Thursday for art classes, Friday for dance classes, and today for theater classes. I find subbing more interesting and tiring than what I currently do in the library (which is not so much).

I have liked being in the arts classes. First, because the students are taking these classes as electives, most of them act like they want to be there and are having a good time. Second, there is some impressive creativity and talent in these students.

It's a little heartbreaking being around so many teenagers with potenial. I don't think they see it. As teenagers - and really as people, I guess - our worlds are so small. I've been frustrated with my anonymity here, but it does provide many opportunities to really look at other people. With teenagers, it seems that tiny events are worthy of great drama but little analysis. They don't seem naturally inclined to the "big picture." They don't seem to understand how much they can impact things and how much ability they have if they try.

Oh, but I wish they would. My prayer is that they will someday be grateful for the teachers who pushed them harder, the parents who sacrificed to pay for this private school, the friends who encouraged them. I hope some of the students here go on to be great, instead of just funny or cute or well-behaved. It makes me wonder about the people who taught me. I hope that I appreciate what I've been given and that I will be able to use my abilities.

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Anonymous said...

Mo: Those of us who are older [maybe much older] remember you as a teenager. You were more advanced in seeing the big picture but your analysis and your prayer are "right on". Some of them will blossom as you have and will affect events and others in their world which will grow broader as they mature. And they will look back at those who taught them or otherwise influenced them as did that substitute teacher with curly hair (and her husband) at Rabun Gap so many years ago. Dado