Thursday, October 07, 2010

Yesterday: a list

We got so much done yesterday, without even really trying. I used to read "mommy blogs" and marvel at how these women could consistently post about the great recipes they made, the decorating projects they just completed, the cute art project they did with their child, their deep thoughts, etc. I used to think I must not be using my time wisely. I forgot two things - first, it's the internet, and I'm sure they are not sharing some not-great things about their lives, and second, they didn't work outside the home full-time! Of course you get more done at home when that's your job! That's how yesterday was. Cadie and I stayed home all day and, in no particular order, here are some of the things we did:

1. Read about 10 books.
2. Did 2 loads of laundry.
3. Played outside.
4. Got the mail.
5. Made banana pecan bread (of which I ate two pieces yesterday afternoon. Ahem.)
6. Got all the containers out of the stack and spin and stacked them into one big tower.
7. Made the bed.
8. Watched two episodes of Dora the Explorer (streamed through Netflix).
9. Talked to the man who came to fix the gauge on the gas tank.
10. Talked to the man who came to install our wireless internet.
11. Made Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger Macaroni for dinner. (This was not a particularly heathly meal, but it was totally free! I got the box of Hamburger Helper as a sample in the mail, the ground beef was a housewarming gift from the school, and the milk was purchased with CVS extra care bucks I earned while spending money given to me by my previous employer.)
12. Did a puzzle, played with the farm set, had a tea party, and took care of the baby dolls.
13. Listened to a cd.
14. Took a 2 hour nap (Cadie).
15. Watched an episode of Pushing Daisies (streamed thru the wii to our tv - we love Netflix!) with Matt before bed.
16. Lots of other things I don't remember.

Pretty good, eh?


Anonymous said...

Pretty good -- yes -- that's great!! Sounds like you are enjoying being home and getting so much done. I love it. Cadie looks happy!!

Wish I could try your banana bread-YUMMY!!

Amy, Library Maven said...

Cadence is toooooo stinkin' cute! Good to hear you're keeping busy!