Monday, September 20, 2004

The big rain

So, this was the weekend of big rain and no power - at least for part of it.

It all started Thursday when there were tornado warnings and lots of wind and rain. Power went out and I got sent home from work in the library. Matt (that's my husband) and I lit a bunch of candles and tried to put together a puzzle that was way too hard, even if we'd had sufficient lighting. The fun part was when we got to try to eat the stuff in the fridge that was going to go bad. The not fun part was waking up Friday morning and still having no power.

But, they cancelled school so we were both free for the day and went to explore Asheville. It took longer than expected because of an unfortunate detour through some very flooded mountain area. There were houses that were literally about to wash away. We did enjoy Asheville, for the most part, mainly because of the access to real shopping, like a mall and Ross and TJ Maxx - two of my favorite stores. Downtown Asheville is real cute, but not so much fun in the rain.

We made the sad discovery that people from Asheville don't understand that when traffic lights aren't working due to lack of power, you treat intersections like a four-way stop. Negotiating the parts of town with no electricity was interesting.

Power was back on when we got home on Friday, but went out a few more times Saturday. By the way, the weather on Saturday and Sunday was beautiful. Everything was clear and crisp. So rain's not all bad, after all.

We also bought a digital camera this weekend for a very good price, so expect pictures here soon.

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Anonymous said...

Dear MO:

Your visit to Asheville reminds me of my days when that was the getaway from college drudge; in fact the only town accessible to my College, Mars Hill. This takes me back almost 60! Thanks for renewing old but pleasant memories for your Dado.