Friday, September 10, 2004


After a few years of reading blogs, and admiring the people who have the time and abundance of thoughts to fill up a blog, I am starting finally starting one. Being underemployed and in a fairly new town (we've been here just over a month), I now have the time. We'll see about the abundance of thoughts.

First thought -
northeast Georgia is much, much prettier than Florida, where I lived my entire life up till now. Besides the fact that this area is not so beseiged by hurricanes, it has mountains! And waterfalls! And gorgeous sunny, but not hot, weather.

We may not have friends yet, but we do have a nice view.

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Anonymous said...

I think GA is prettier also. Enjoyed the link to the NE GA site featuring Rabun County. Looked at the calendar of events. I'll have to talk to Dad about time when we can come up.