Thursday, September 30, 2004

Crafty hobbies

While I was loading the dishwasher today I was thinking. In the past few years I have tended to pick up crafty hobbies. In college, I took up scrapbooking and cross-stitching. Last year, I began knitting.

Actually, I picked up crafty hobbies when I was younger too. There was the painting with the mini canvases and acrylic paint, the shirt decorating, the polymer clay sculpting, and the collage making.

Apparently I have a need to express myself creatively, and I have a limited attention span when it comes to crafty hobbies. The newest phase is only a desire so far. I want to sew. I want a sewing machine. Part of me justifies this by thinking that every woman who plans on having a family should have a sewing machine and know how to sew just a little. But the other part of me sees purses like this one, or this one, or this pillowcase skirt, or these aprons, and I just think - "I want to make that."

But I already have a bunch of knitting stuff in my closet and I want more. Besides the previously mentioned and now abandoned hobbies for which supplies were purchased. It just doesn't seem right to take up another.


Anonymous said...

Go for it!! Keep several crafty hobbies going. You may leave one for a little while and then come back to it after a time. As I told you I wish I could go back to some of the sewing crafts I did in early marriage and parenthood. (Though I have had no desire to sew on a machine--ever! Seventh grade home economics took care of any ambitions in that area). A great goal to head toward. Just wish I had a machine to give you.

Anonymous said...

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