Monday, September 20, 2004

My first day as a substitute teacher

There are many things in life I thought I would never be. Things like blonde, or a movie star, or a ballerina, or a singer, or an accountant, or a chemist. Substitute teacher was also on this list. Yet, now I am a substitute teacher.

I've been working part-time in the library at my husband's school (he's an actual teacher) and they were kind enough to offer me the opportunity to be on the substitute list and bring home, if not the bacon, at least (perhaps) some turkey jerky. Today I substituted for two American Literature classes, where I even had to lead a discussion on J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur, two English I classes, and a yearbook class. I think I am too big a dork for this job. On several occasions, a student would just look at me blankly, and on several more occasions, they didn't stop talking. Nonetheless, no one laughed at me except when I cracked a joke, and no one did any harm to himself or others. I admire people who are or want to become teachers. It takes a lot of effort to be interesting and authoritative at the same time.

Even though I may not have thought I could be a sub, it wasn't so bad. And I'm getting $50.

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